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A Cruise Life: Is The Ocean The Place To Retire?

June 13, 2018 Cruise Deals No Comments Email Email

Travel is a goal, a dream and a luxury for many people across the globe. Working day in and day out, taking care of family and being a responsible person often means that time slips away from you as quick as water through your fingers. 

This makes finding the time to relax in a luxury destination particularly difficult, which means that most people keep their travelling days as something to look forward to in retirement. There are more people than ever before saving their cash for the days when their working years are over. Retirement is something that most people are desperately saving for, and those that do end up with a life outside of the workplace save for more than just the basics. They save to ensure that they have a life to live. Taking work out of your day to day activities can leave a rather gaping hole in your day and filling it up can be exciting!

When it comes to holidays, more people than ever are taking cruises. Being able to travel to more than one destination, on a ship of entertainment, luxury and all-inclusive food and drink is something that is certainly reserved for those with a little cash on their side. Around-the-world cruises are most definitely a dream for those who have been lucky enough to reach retirement with the right savings to make this dream more of a reality. Finding travel insurance for seniors has also become easier throughout the years, meaning that cruises are still the holiday of choice for those looking to see a little more of the world in their autumn years. It’s not just cruises that have really become popular, it’s the fact that these cruises are for weeks – and sometimes months – at a time. Being able to pick a place to start a cruise and spend time seeing different countries, cultures and nations throughout the world is an amazing way to spend the remainder of your life. After all, you’ve spent years and years working as hard as possible for the money that you have saved; isn’t it about time that you spent a little time spending it all?

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Choosing to live on a cruise ship for all or part of a year isn’t a new idea; which makes it all the more tempting to do it, really. Being able to see that other people have lived their lives rather comfortably on various cruise lines can do so much toward helping you make that same leap. It isn’t a decision that you should take lightly, though. Of course, you’ll possibly have older children and grandchildren, but your life is something to think about and you should ensure that you live what you have left in a way that suits you and not everyone else. If this means that you sell up your home and spend your time seeing the world, then why not? Cruising can offer you an amazing lifestyle, one that could see you making more memories than you have ever made in your lifetime. It can even make sense for you in terms of finances, especially if living in your empty house is going to cost you more than seeing the world. There are plenty of reasons that you should go ahead and change your life by living the rest of it on entertainment packed cruise ships, and here are some of them below:

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Most people imagine that it could cost millions to live aboard luxury cruise liners, visiting ports around the world and tasting some of the finest food around. It’s actually not the case. Sure, if you’re having a free for all with alcohol on every port that you visit, your costs are going to be higher than those who simply enjoy the ship, but what you get for your money is massive. You get entertainment, use of a gym, pools, shows, food and drink, the chance to meet new people – all of these things are included in the price of your holiday each time you book one. A lot of retirees can find that life on land is much cheaper than being on a cruise ship for months at a time, but those who are still paying for their homes, living in the centre of big cities and those who have living expenses that are too large could find the cruising life a cheaper – and far more fun – alternative. When you think about the costs of all that would be provided on a cruise ship, you are going to be saving a lot of money simply by being aboard one. Plus? No chores. There is always help and someone to cook and clean for you, which is very helpful if you’re not as limber as you once were! There are no utilities to pay for, no need to pay for trips to the theatre or the cinema. These are provided for you.

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When you spend your whole life in an office with the same people every day, you can find yourself wishing and hoping for new experiences to take you away from it all. A cruise gives you that. Every day, you wake up in a different part of the world. You sail through the night unless you are docked in a port, and even then, you are still waking up in a new place every day. Places like Vietnam, Egypt, Florida and England are all on the list of places that a cruise ship can pull into, and there are very few life choices that can mean that you are seeing the world every single day. When you’re on a cruise for an extended period of time, you will also be meeting new people whenever there is a new intake. The ease and consistency of this constant change is an oxymoron in life; you can meet new people and see new places without having to board multiple flights and check into hotels. You also get the chance to be extraordinarily social. With scheduled entertainment and the ability to walk into a number of bars or restaurants every day, you get the chance to have a conversation with many people. There’s very little opportunity to be lonely, which is a big deal for retirees. You may not be able to forge long lasting friendships, given the nature of those getting off and, on the ship, but you will still always have people to talk to and interact with. It’s far more adventurous to live life this way than checking into an assisted living facility. You don’t even have to get off the ship to get a full experience, which is helpful if you don’t want to visit some of the ports available.

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Cruise companies are catching onto the trend of people that travel for weeks and months at a time. They’re now offering rewards, discounts and loyalty programmes to those who want to sail for longer than the average family holiday. This allows the cruise companies to earn more when people choose to go for back to back bookings. Not everyone will want to spend months at a time on the ocean, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t book more than one cruise in the year. People – especially retirees – will always err on the side of caution and stick to what they know when it comes to their holidays. Booking the same cruise packages on repeat always means that they are familiar with the staff and the routines of the ship. It’s in the best interest of the cruise companies, therefore, to offer rewards to those who wish to visit time and again. Staff aboard cruise ships are always willing to go the extra mile. They want to keep you comfortable as a passenger, as they will always benefit if you come back over and over. The service on a cruise is an unparalleled one, and it’s one that those who have spent their entire lives serving everyone else deserves.

Choosing to be involved in a cruising lifestyle may not save you money on assisted living facilities. You could find you spend more. But isn’t it worth spending your cash on something enjoyable, educational, social and well, free? Logistically, you may have get rid of most of your possessions and live out of a small suitcase for a long time. There isn’t any room for your favourite painting when you are aboard a cruise ship for weeks at a time. However, there’s something to be said for experiences over stuff, and if you can let that go and afford to live on board a ship then it’s something that you should really consider doing. Life is about more than money, so make sure that when you consider your retirement options you consider more than the financial aspect of it. Cruising the world can change your life for the better if you give yourself a chance to experience it. You may not retire on the sea for good, but you could spend a good portion of your life ticking things off your bucket list!

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