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The “Year of Troy 2018” Launched by Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Unesco World Cultural Heritage Listing

Fourteen centuries have passed since the mythic Trojan War, and more than 10,000 years since Achilles and Hector were immortalized in the epic poem, The Illiad.

… Continue Reading

JOHN ROZENTALS enjoys a couple of jars in Canberra … and a look from the air at the national capital.

I know now why a Sydney band called themselves 50 Million Beers. They’d just been to a beer festival. … Continue Reading

JOHN ROZENTALS discovers life in a slow lane in Outback Queensland … and no sign of a legendary dog.

Before I visited Central-Western Queensland a few weeks ago I knew only two things about the small Outback town of Barcaldine. … Continue Reading

Sailing Mekong’s Past in The Present

ABOUT to step aboard the little river boat Toum Tiou 1 in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City for a trip up the mighty Mekong River to Siem Reap in Cambodia, we suddenly baulk at what we see lays before us. … Continue Reading

Island Hopping

Seychelles is made up of a hundred and fifteen islands scattered across one and a quarter million square kilometres of tropical, blue Indian Ocean. … Continue Reading

Vanuatu: A Lady Forever in Waiting

When disaster struck one of the world’s luxury ocean liners in 1942, this famous lady went down with the ship. And you can still visit her today. Roderick Eime goes to great depths for a story … Continue Reading

Seychelles: The place for families by Glynn Burridge

Seychelles is very much in the news these days for the way that its tourism industry has taken off, with an ever-widening choice of accommodation options and flourishing suite of activities and entertainment. … Continue Reading

JOHN ROZENTALS can’t believe his luck in the Mary Valley when he spots seven platypuses in the wild

I’m no stranger to early starts but I’ll have to admit that it’s the first time I’d been up at first light and in a kayak searching for platypuses — or is it ‘platypi’ or is the plural the same as the singular? … Continue Reading

The Seychelles Islands: The ultimate cocktail of exclusivity, diversity and affordability

For a long time the Seychelles islands have been synonymous with a rich man’s playground…a place where extremely well-heeled travellers languish on sleek yachts and on the sun-decks of opulent five-star hotels or upon the beaches of exclusive island hideaways, enjoying the rich trappings of vacations which are beyond the reach of all except a very few fortunate individuals. … Continue Reading

JOHN ROZENTALS visits Maleny and relishes the chance to get a real taste for the Sunshine Coast hinterland

I’m really unsure where this stands in PC terms, but I was quite pleased that I was accompanying my wagyu rump with a glass of Brouhaha Milk Stout — the makings of which had been in the diet of the steer in question before it had been sacrificed, partly for my plate. … Continue Reading

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