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School Uniform Dates Back 460 Years

June 16, 2018 Weird & Wacky No Comments

THERE’S a school in England that to maintain traditions dating back to when it began caring for children of the “fatherless and poor” over 460 years ago, still outfits its pupils today in the uniforms of all those years back. … Continue Reading

Restaurant Right Out Of James Bond

THERE’S a restaurant and bar in America’s Milwaukee whose ladies’ room features a large picture of a reclining and starkly naked Burt Reynolds, with no more than a small red cardboard-cut-out heart over his, ah, more personal parts… … Continue Reading

Tolly’s A Tabby To Truly Talk About

June 2, 2018 Weird & Wacky No Comments

WHEN English surrealist artist Richard Saunders used the wonders of Photoshop to recreate his beloved pet cat Tolly in topiary-like form in settings amid famous British lakesides, grand-houses, gardens and beaches, he was blown away with just how many people who saw those pictures took them to be real fair-dinkum works of topiary art. … Continue Reading

STRUTH your castle on your island in the sun

May 26, 2018 Weird & Wacky No Comments

IF your dream is to have your very own tropical island in the sun, a castle to call home, and a history around you with which to intrigue visitors for hours, have your dream come true with a little spot that’s gone up for grabs in the sunny Bahamas. … Continue Reading

STRUTH! A Churchillian Devotion To The Bubble

May 19, 2018 Weird & Wacky No Comments

HAVING led Britain to victory in World War II as his nation’s Prime Minister and then seen his party thrown out of office in the first election after that war, Winston Churchill had one particularly important job in mind when he was re-elected again by voters in 1951. … Continue Reading

STRUTH! It’s Our Biggest Pie-Fest Time Again

PIE EATERS unite – June’s around the corner and that means it’s time again for Australia’s biggest celebration of everything pies in NSW’s Southern Highlands… that becomes the Southern Pie-lands for all of June. … Continue Reading

Fedex’s Success Was On The Cards

April 21, 2018 Weird & Wacky No Comments

WHAT’S a bloke to do when his fledgling freight-forwarding company is millions of dollars in debt, losing a further US$1m a month in 1973, and the only reason your air freighters are still flying is because your pilots are fuelling them on their credit cards as no financiers will loan you another cent? … Continue Reading

Proving Elephants Truly, Never Forget

April 14, 2018 Weird & Wacky No Comments

THEY called him the “Elephant Whisperer,” a man who could confront an angry 6-tonne African bush elephant and by standing still and talking softly and calmly, get it to lower an enraged trunk and tusks, calm, and eventually turn and wander back off into the bush… … Continue Reading

STRUTH!Think That’s Cold – Try Living Here

IF you’re already shuddering at the prospects of winter just around the corner, spare a thought for the 500 folk who live in the tiny village of Oymyakon in Russian Siberia – in winter up there, the mercury drops to a teeth-chattering minus 50C or colder. … Continue Reading

Going Economic With Place Names David Ellis

March 31, 2018 Weird & Wacky No Comments

WOULD you believe there are a near-dozen villages in Norway, Denmark and Sweden that have simply one letter in their name – just A for the greater majority of them, and O for one in Sweden. … Continue Reading

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