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ICONSIAM – a city of the future – unveils the era’s most glamorous retail and entertainment complexes complete with Seven Wonders; gives new meaning to what’s great about Thailand and for the world to see

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993A3FD03C1BC217B1F70951FBFB4B31-1ICONSIAM reinforces Bangkok’s stature as a ‘world-best’ destination with ‘first-in-world’ and ‘first-in-Thailand’ features

– Expands with additional 5-rai land across Charoennakon Road and increases investment by Bht 4,000 million to Bht 54,000 million

Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, a director of ICONSIAM Co., Ltd., the owner of ICONSIAM – the iconic landmark of Thailand’s prosperity by the Chao Phraya River, today, held an event to present a detailed look at a city of the future and unveiled the era’s most glamorous retail and entertainment mega-complexes covering 525,000 square metres, and which is set to become one of the most exciting destinations in the world when completed in late 2017. The event was conducted at an evening of spectacular presentations attended by more than 1,500 guests and ending with a cruise on the majestic Chao Phraya River.

With a total gross floor area (GFA) of 750,000 square metres, ICONSIAM will be a new symbol of national pride for Thailand and its people. The project includes:

– 2 of the world’s most glamorous retail complexes, namely ICONSIAM (Main Retail & Entertainment) on a vast area of 500,000 square metres and ICONLUXE (Luxury Wing) which covers 25,000 square meters. The two mega-complexes have separate parking spaces and facilities but share visitor traffic throughout.

– 2 world-class residential condominium buildings: Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

– 7 precedent-setting attractions which will be the first of their kind in Thailand and which are called the Seven Wonders at ICONSIAM.


ICONSIAM – The Icon of Eternal Prosperity – is being developed by a highly reputable partnership between three of Thailand’s most successful businesses, assuring the project the national landmark status that it seeks. The development partners are Siam Piwat – the owner and operator of globally reputed prestigious retail developments including Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery – MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation, the owner and developer of luxury quality residences – and, the multi-national Charoen Pokphand Group. The partnership with Bht 50,000 million was announced in 2012 as an agreement to create a the largest commercial development. It’s been 3 years together by far.

A commitment to build Thailand’s stature on the world stage

Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul said, “ICONSIAM will open a new chapter in the history of Thailand. It represents a great property endeavor that is the most complete and spectacular ever undertaken in Thailand. ICONSIAM will be the most compelling, must-see destination drawing Thai people from around the country and international visitors from the around the world. We are creating a new benchmark of excellence in every aspect. It is the creation of a new paradigm for the property development sector. It combines everything one needs to live a way of life of the future – the best in residential offerings, a complete range of products and services as well as innovations to keep one comfortable, and unprecedented advanced communications. ICONSIAM will be at the centre of a plan to unveil the glory of the Chao Phraya River as a global destination.”

ICONSIAM aims to turn the area along the 10-kilometre frontage of the Chao Phraya River into a major global destination offering unparalleled experiences because the entire stretch of the great river represents all aspects of what is special about Thailand and Thais. Located along the river are over 20 historic archeological sites, 50 upscale hotels with more than 10,000 rooms, over 200 luxury residential developments that are already available on the Thonburi side of the river and many more to be built on both sides by the public and private sectors. ICONSIAM will help bring them together to glorify Bangkok under a national collaboration outlined in the Chao Phraya River Master Vision plan which was announced in 2014. Under the plan, agencies in the public and private sectors, riverside business operators and boat operators will work together to turn the world’s attention back on to the river as Bangkok’s most promising centre. It will reinforce every aesthetic aspect of Bangkok as one of the world’s most attractive cities where people around the world want to live and where investors want to do business.

Mrs. Chadatip said, “New developments normally highlight concepts inspired from other countries. But ICONSIAM is committed to presenting Thailand’s outstanding aspects such as Thai wisdom, exquisite craftsmanship, unique architectural elements, history, tradition, culture, etc. We are presenting a forward-looking Thainess for the world to see. ICONSIAM will present more than a million stories of success and pride of Thai people from local to national level. It will also represent an imagination of this era that showcases those stories in many ways in a forward-looking Thainess or “Creative Thai” for the world to see. It will be the first time that such a large project in Thailand will present Thai characteristics in all aspects.”


ICONSIAM is intended to be a new symbol of Thailand. It will represent the nation to rival mega developments in other countries as it showcases important values of Thailand’s best characteristics in a world-class project through supportive assistance of the whole Thai people in terms of bringing Thailand’s best values to ICONSIAM, creating important values for the project. Meanwhile, ICONSIAM will also bring together the best of the world, making it truly a world-class project.

12 Unrivalled components of ICONSIAM

ICONSIAM unveiled the glamour of two retail and entertainment complexes which cover a combined area of 525,000 square metres and comprise the following unrivalled components:

  1. The Best in Stunning Architecture

The two retail complexes of ICONSIAM – ICONSIAM and ICONLUXE – are closely associated with cultural values and beliefs tied to the Chao Phraya River, including inspirations from ‘krathong’ and ‘baisri’. The ICONSIAM building is a highly modern building with its architectural design inspired by the way a krathong is folded, translating traditional Thai design signatures to modern interpretations. The ICONLUXE complex resembles three glass krathongs with the façade stretching 300 metres along the river. A special glass is used to create vertical pleats all over the complex setting a new precedent. The design is inspired by a traditional Thai dress with a pleated shawl that wraps the most valuable part of the project because ICONLUXE represents the ultimate in ICONSIAM’s elegance.

  1. The Best in the ICONS within an ICON Design Concept

‘ICONS within an ICON’ is the construction of many small buildings within a large building. ICONSIAM showcases a group of buildings each with a 360-degree façade like a mansion that elegantly offers the best Thai brands and luxury brands from around the world. It is the first time such a concept is brought to life.

  1. The Best in Awesome Spectacles

River Park is an area for riverside activities. Covering over 10,000 square metres, it will help visitors to access and enjoy the landscape along the river as never before. The space is ideal for large-scale national events and world-class performances in a most beautiful and enchanting site on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

A multi-media water-and-fire feature, worth Bht 400 million, will present a great spectacle along the 400-metre stretch of the Chao Phraya River, the longest in Southeast Asia, for visitors to enjoy an awesome experience.

  1. The Best in Creative Thai-ness at Venice of the East

ICONSIAM will bring together the best in Thai brands in all categories from fashion to handicrafts to must-buy items from all of the 77 provinces of Thailand. Visitors can explore the whole of Thailand at ICONSIAM. They will be able to enjoy an exciting experience at the first indoor floating market as well as impressive and enjoyable services found only in Thailand along with rare art and cultural performances within an over 8,000-square-metre area.

  1. The Best in World-Class Luxury at ICONLUXE

ICONLUXE – the icon of exquisiteness, the centre of world-class luxury – will have the best in world-class brands in all categories, including fashion, jewelry and timepieces. Each brand will be housed in a globally iconic store in a way that has never been done before in Thailand.

  1. The Best in Priceless Art, Culture and Heritage

ICONSIAM Heritage Museum which covers over 8,000 square metres is Thailand’s first world-class museum complex bringing together the historical and cultural heritage of the country in one place. It is the result of a collaboration between ICONSIAM, The Fine Arts Department – Ministry of Culture, and The Treasury Department – Ministry of Finance. The museum will showcase valuable artifacts of Thailand from different eras together with touring exhibitions of masterpieces from around the world, including contemporary artworks from Thai artists. It has integrated the most advanced exhibition technology, world-class security and conservation standards for important artifacts.

Thai Character through Masterpieces from National and World Artists

ICONSIAM’s interior decoration is the result of a collaboration with many national and world artists who channel Thai beliefs and traditions into their masterpieces that are placed throughout in the form of statues, paintings, carvings, and chandelier inspired by the shape of woven garlands. The complex will be spectacular. ICONSIAM will be the first to bring together a large number of priceless artworks and masterpieces.

  1. The Best in World-Class Entertainment

The world-class auditorium is an essential component of ICONSIAM. The 3,000-seat venue will be Thailand’s first such facility at world-class standards, and which will also be Asia’s technologically most advanced, as well as the centre for international conferences, which will help Bangkok attract the world’s most sought-after A-list singers and performers.

The 10,000-square-metre cineplex at ICONSIAM will be a ‘first’ and the country’s technologically most innovative of its kind with the latest projection and sound equipment as well as the newest concepts in layout and seating that will ensure visitors the ultimate movie-going experience.

The world of entertainment for family and children which covers 4,000 square metres will be the first time in Thailand where children can experience state-of-the-art excitement.

  1. The Best in a Complete Range of Products and Services

ICONSIAM brings together 500 retailers who offer the best in ASEAN and the best from every corner of the world into the same venue. For more than 20% of these retailers, ICONSIAM will be their first ever presence in Thailand.

The project will also have Thailand’s first massive sport complex built on a rooftop garden. It will come complete with an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool and a running track with a view of the sky over both sides of Bangkok.

  1. The Best in Department Store

Takashimaya, one of Japan’s most iconic department stores, covering 35,000 square metres, will open its first store in Thailand at ICONSIAM. As one of the world’s best department stores, it offers a full line of luxury brands from Japan, as well as top Thailand’s brands including cosmetics, ladies’ wear, ladies’ accessories, men’s wear and accessories, lifestyle products, as well as premium food and beverage offerings.

  1. The Best in Dining Aesthetics

ICONSIAM will bring a 3-Michelin star restaurant for the first time to Thailand and will have some of world’s famous restaurants brands that have never had a presence in Thailand. It will have also the best food offerings from all 77 provinces in Thailand and offer a vast choice of dining atmospheres such as a riverside terrace, in a heavenly park inside the building or on the rooftop where a wide range of bars will also be located.

  1. The Best in Communication Innovation and Service

ICONSIAM will introduce the most advanced and most comprehensive communication infrastructure using the fastest fibre optics in Thailand and the most innovative communication package. There will be an application that provides more than 1 million tales and legends that inspired art and decoration within the building, shops, and services. Customers will be able to understand and be a part of retelling such stories. All of these will allow us to deeply understand the needs of customers and to easily manage their experiences while enabling us to meet all their lifestyle preferences all the time.

  1. The Best in Comprehensive Travel Convenience

As a mega phenomenon of the era, ICONSIAM is the first project to support the Bangkok Municipality’s visionary plan, a feeder lines of the mass rapid transit system, namely the Gold Line, which will be connected to the Green, Red and Purple Lines. In the area, four piers will be built to support water travel via private yachts, tourist pleasure boats and ferries to and from 73 surrounding piers. ICONSIAM will be the most complete connection hub for all modes of transport in Thailand including land, rail and water.

Creating Phenomenal Success in the Real Estate Industry

A New Record in the Most Expensive Riverside Residences

ICONSIAM launched Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM – the most luxurious residential condominium development in Thailand by the Chao Phraya River. It ranks among the best residential developments in the world in its standards. The project offers 379 residences on 70 stories. Each unit is built and fitted out with the most luxurious materials. The building has luxury designed right into it, with the highest quality even in the non-visible engineering elements, components and mechanisms. Within only 2 months in 2014, the whole project was sold out. It also broke a record for being the most expensive residential project by the Chao Phraya River. Its prices are comparable to those of luxury condominiums along the BTS mass transit lines on Sukhumvit, Phaholyothin and Ratchadamri roads.

The Best in World-Class Residence: The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

In 2014, ICONSIAM announced a partnership with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group to brand and manage 146 super-luxurious residences in a 52-level condominium called The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Located in the ICONSIAM project, the Residences are the first ‘Mandarin Oriental’ branded residences in Southeast Asia and the 14th in the world. They are designed and built with the highest standards of luxury, project management and residents’ services and facilities.

Last year, ICONSIAM began pre-sales for the riverfront residential project. It is the most expensive residential project in Thailand with prices to rival condominiums in prime locations of London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. To date, about 40% of the residences have been booked by Thai and international customers.

“The unveiling of ICONSIAM’s two retail complexes will be a game changer that shifts Bangkok’s retailing hub to the new location by the Chao Phraya River, which has all you can ask for,” Mrs. Chadatip said.

ICONSIAM represents a new chapter in the history of Thailand’s property development. It creates a new benchmark for all-around excellence and a new paradigm for the industry with the building of a city that brings together a complete range of residential, retail and cultural offerings at the highest international standards.

ICONSIAM is a shining example of a Thai property developer showing the courage to make an investment, whether it be in the commercial components and the Seven Wonders at ICONSIAM, to bring to life a genuine, world-class development. ICONSIAM has proven success beyond expectations for its residential component. Its retail component has been recognized the world over, even though it has yet to be formally launched. All of this is testament to the confidence in the country’s economy. It shows Thai entrepreneurs’ resilience while showing the potential of the Thai market and the purchasing power of Thai people who can support such a world-class development. ICONSIAM is a major step forward to elevate the stature of Bangkok as one of the most desirable cities to invest for international entrepreneurs and to live for people from around the world.

Decision to Invest in ICONSIAM Phase 2 in Response to Strong Tenant Demand

Mrs. Chutrakul informed that, “ICONSIAM has discussed the project’s concept with major retailers worldwide. All of them have expressed their confidence and indicated their intention to book retail space for the largest iconic flagship stores in Thailand. As a result, ICONSIAM has decided to invest in the second phase of the project in response to the overwhelming demand and support it has received. We have leased land on the opposite side of Charoennakorn Road to expand the total property size to 55 rai. We have increased the total investment budget by a further Bht 4,000 million to Bht 54,000 million. Details on the investment will be shared later within this year.”

ICONSIAM will start renting out space in its two retail complexes from now onwards and plans to announce anchor tenants within the first three months of this year.

“Despite the world’s economic uncertainty, we are proceeding with the project at full speed. We increased our investment because we have confidence in Thailand. ICONSIAM will make a great contribution to the country support the economy of Thailand. It is also pilot project that links with the public sector, with us planning to support mass transit systems as well as urban development and urban regeneration. The project will attract substantial investment from international investors and retailers. When it opens, the project will be able to create more than 350,000 jobs within 5 years from the beginning to the opening of the project. ICONSIAM will play an important part in strengthening the tourism industry in the long term. It will also further reinforce Thailand’s leadership in the ASEAN Economic Community,” Mrs. Chadatip concluded.


  • The only symbol of Thailand that will stun the whole world in the city of glory, and which is greater than anything imaginable.
  • A new chapter in the history of the country is being written on the graceful banks of the Chao Phraya River.
  • ICONSIAM, a city of that looks to the future and includes two of the greatest retail complexes, two of the most elegant riverside condominium buildings and Seven Wonders of the World waiting to turn the attention of people the world over to Thailand.
  • ICONSIAM combines the best Thailand has to offer with the best of the world to set a new benchmark of excellence.
  • A new symbol of Thailand that will be the centre of national pride for all Thais and a magnet to draw visitors from every corner of the world.
  • ICONSIAM is writing a new chapter in the history of Thailand, setting a new benchmark of all-around excellence and a new paradigm for the property development sector by bringing together everything that answers the needs for living in the future.
  • The first and the greatest pioneering effort in national partnership through the Chao Phraya Vision Master Plan where ICONSIAM has joined forces with the public and private sectors in over 30 projects to turn the 10-kilometre frontage of the Chao Phraya River into the world’s new tourist attraction.

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