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Tuesday September 19, 2017

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Woman who won’t show face deported immediately

A Muslim woman from Denmark who refused to remove her full-face veil during security screening at Brussels airport has been turned around and immediately deported.

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Look how much Alan Joyce is worth to Qantas!

As Qantas fortunes soared over the past financial year, Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce nearly doubled his remuneration, which now ranks among the highest in the Australian executive pay league.

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Corpse sat eight months in airport long-term carpark

A decomposing corpse sat for eight months behind the steering wheel of a vehicle in an airport’s long-term carpark without being noticed or arousing suspicion, while friends and relatives of the deceased searched high and low for the missing man.

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Flight disruptions all week as digger cuts through line

Engineers in New Zealand are working to fix a jet fuel pipeline after a digger damaged it, leading to the cancellation or rerouting of dozens of international and domestic flights to and from Auckland over the weekend. The resultant fuel crisis could continue all this week and beyond.

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When a short flight seemed to go on forever

A British retiree who took a short holiday flight from London to Greece found his flight turn into an ordeal involving four planes – including one that caught fire – with the trip taking so long he could have flown to Sydney in less time.

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