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Saturday November 25, 2017

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Kingdom of the Polar Bear

Adventure cruiser, Roderick Eime, heads north in search of the mighty polar bear and a lost story from Australian history.

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Incredible Dravidian grandeur

Dravidians, the indigenous Indians, had a refined culture even before the start of Christian era. Agamas, a collection of Tamil and Sanskrit scriptures constituting architectural rules of temple construction, creation of the idol, temple rituals, yoga and meditative practices and philosophical doctrines even influenced communities across the subcontinent and South East Asia to adopt the […]

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Rain brings mixed fortunes for Australian wine regions

November rains are proving a blessing and a curse for vignerons in Australia’s major wine producing state ahead of the 2018 vintage.

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The West End of Adelaide makes Lonely Planet’s cool list

Adelaide is laid out on a strict grid of streets with King William Street running from north to south down the middle, dividing the east and the west.

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Home of Penfolds Grange wins international wine tourism award

The home of Australia’s most famous wine has won a major international wine tourism award.

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