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What gets Measured gets Managed

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egtmedia59Aloha, good day and welcome back to Impact: Elements. Last week when we closed our discussion I promised that this week we would move on to a new topic, What gets Measured gets Managed.

It might sound a little cold, even a little harsh but it is surely true, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

We will begin looking at measurements with what I believe is one of if not the most important measurement that effects long term success, Employee Satisfaction. And I am not the only one that believes it to be so. Let’s look at some more thoughts from C. Whiteley of The Forum Corporation in his 1991 article titled Excellent Customer Service: A Dozen Best Practices.

“Number Four of Twelve. Maintain happy employees. Happy employees mean happy customers. In most businesses, especially service-oriented businesses, the employees’ attitudes and behaviors determine the quality of customer service. Herb Kelleher, former Chief Executive Officer of Southwest Airlines, argues, “Put employees first and customers second.” At first this may seem contrary to the notion of having a company that is customer focused. But, if we adhere to the Success Compass English JPEGnotion of “A happy employee makes a happy customer,” then this makes sense. Southwest Airlines has been successful in a very competitive business. Southwest has instilled a spirit of entrepreneurship in all its employees. The philosophy is that Southwest Airlines is in the people business and it just happens to run an airline. Companies that consider they are in the people business are companies that provide excellent customer service. Tom Peters, (1999), says that we should make work fun. In a company that makes work fun, employees look forward to their job where they are valued and appreciated. If employees are treated as customers, the employee wins, the customer wins and the business wins. Everybody wins!”

During our discussions we have repeatedly touched on the importance of The Human Element. We have discussed it and have presented a variety of research and examples that clearly points how the critical nature of the People of the organization in your efforts to create loyal and committed customers. I suggest that you cannot maximize the satisfaction levels of your associates if you do not have appropriate measurement devices in place and if you do not use those measurement devices to insure you are moving in the right direction.

You must have an understanding of this all important metric and you must measure against the things that are important to you as an organization. I offer the following which is a real example of a measurement device that is being used by one of our valued clients. They are measuring satisfaction against the things that they determined were important to them.

Good to Great

  1. Leadership clearly defines the things that need to be done
  2. We are making progress in our journey from good to great.
  3. XXX is one of the best companies in the area to work for.


  1. Leadership conveys all that a smile says in all that they do, always.
  2. The people that I work with convey all that a smile says in all that they do, always.
  3. Leadership appreciates the work that I do.
  4. Our managers’ behaviors reflect XXX (笑顔 理解 一生懸命 仲間  有難う) values]
  5. The people that I work with reflect XXX (笑顔 理解 一生懸命 仲間  有難う) values]

XXX’s Law

  1. Leadership lives by XXX’s law.
  2. The people that I work with live by XXX’s law.
  3. I live by XXX’s law.

Core Values

  1. Leadership acts with integrity, always.
  2. The people that I work with act with integrity, always.
  3. I am proud to be a part of XXX.
  4. There is a strong feeling of trust in the organization.
  5. I trust that my leadership will always do the best thing for the good of the company.
  6. Leadership supports me.
  7. Leadership encourages me to take appropriate risks.
  8. XXX is growing as a result of innovative thinking.
  9. I as an individual am growing because I am encouraged to think and to innovate.
  10. XXX makes an important contribution to our society.
  11. Everyone is held accountable for what they say and do.
  12. I have a passion and sense of pride in my work.
  13. Innovation is encouraged within XXX.

Leadership Behaviors 

  1. Leadership helps to clarify the XXX’s vision through actions and behaviors.
  2. Leadership communicates constantly and clearly with myself and my peers.
  3. Leadership encourages us to share our thoughts
  4. Leadership gives us freedom to do our jobs to the best of our ability.
  5. Leadership never accepts the status quo as good enough.
  6. Leadership is committed to the accomplishment of our goals.
  7. We are clear in our department what our job responsibilities are.

Development and Promotion

  1. XXX offers me ongoing opportunities to improve myself.
  2. I have a clear understanding of what is expected of me in the performance of my duties
  3. My performance is evaluated fairly.
  4. I am satisfied with my opportunities for advancement.


  1. I am able to share my ideas and thoughts for improvements and changes in all areas.
  2. I am recognized for having good ideas.
  3. I am encouraged to share my thoughts with my boss and others that I work with.
  4. In my department, we respect each other’s opinions.

Customer Expectations

  1. There is a focus within the organization to understand the expectations of our customers
  2. We monitor the expectations of our customers since they are ever-changing.
  3. We have a clear understanding of the results of our efforts to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Look back at the work that we have done in our time together. Look at the core values that you defined, the leadership and associate behaviors that you defined that you felt best displayed these values. Review the work that you did concerning Innovation, Tapping the Intellect, Development and Promotion from Within. Look at the work you did on defining Customer Expectations (More to follow next week). Look at these things and display the courage needed to ask the necessary questions of those that you are privileged to lead and find out how you are doing in moving your organization in the direction you want it to go. It does take courage but as we shared with you many weeks ago, “Individuals thrive when leaders are clear, courageous and willing to follow through.” Clarify your intentions, display the needed courage to ask difficult questions and follow through in your efforts to make your organization the very best that it can be.

Thank you again for your interest in our work and for your time each week. Next week we will continue in our discussion of What gets Measured gets Managed as we look further at customer expectations. Until then, aloha.

Written by : Bill Hurley

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