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Tuesday October 27, 2020

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Outrage over ‘compulsory vaginal examination’ at airport

Legal action may be pending after female airline passengers, including Australians, were allegedly strip-searched and given a compulsory vaginal examination at a Qatari airport.

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Airline bans passenger in cardboard crown for racist tirade

Just when people thought they had seen it all: an irate airline passenger with flowing blond locks and a red mask under his chin, wearing a golden crown made of cardboard, has been hauled off an international flight for launching a racist tirade, which culminated in fists flying and the airline issuing a lifetime ban.

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  PNG For Culture And Festivals

One of the most culturally-diverse countries in the world, and with over 800 languages spoken, Papua New Guinea’s rich culture should not be missed. Papua New Guineans are proud of their cultural traditions and festivals, and only too happy to share stories and experiences with visitors. But don’t expect staged performances and tourist traps; like […]

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Tourism Expert Dr David Beirman Suspects The Government’s International Travel Ban Is Probably An Error.

University of Technology Sydney Tourism Expert and Lecturer, Dr David Beirman said last week in an interview with the ABC, that he suspected that the Federal Government’s international travel ban was an error and it should have been an advisory, with as a result of the ban, Australia having emerged globally as one of the […]

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Imagining Air Travel for a Post-pandemic World..

The unprecedented disruption of global air travel shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic offers one shining light, the opportunity to view existing procedures and practices from a new perspective and, perhaps, create an even more vibrant, resilient, and passenger-friendly industry.

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