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October 19, 2020 Visit Africa / Seychelles No Comments Email Email

Your vote in the 2020 elections allows our democracy to live another day.If enough people cast their ballots this month, they are acting in solidarity with, and protection for, the most vulnerable people in our society – those who have been neglected woefully since the 2015 elections and left to fall beneath the poverty line.

It is time that politicians are forced to sit up and take notice of those whom they are seeking to SERVE, not rule over. For far too long, politicians have been complacent to do the bare minimum, with no one to hold them accountable.

Seychellois have a chance in the upcoming elections to hold them accountable for their non-performance and broken promises over the course of their past term in higher office. US claim it as an advantage that President Faure is equipped to continue in his role because he is the safe option. With him, there is certainty, according to US. They say that with any opposition party there can only be uncertainty.

While that may be true for others, with One Seychelles we categorically deny this attempt at fear-mongering. What US really means about the future being certain with them at the helm is that continued poverty, unemployment and increased costs of living are certainties. The privileged and the powerful shall continue to be catered to, at the expense of ordinary citizens. No innovative changes have been proposed and change is never embraced by this political camp. The picture that President Faure has painted for the foreseeable future for our Nation and for Seychellois is bleak, with him promising difficult times ahead as our economy continues to struggle.

It is in President Faure’s interests to paint a grim picture for our future. He has lowered the bar so much that people cannot expect much of him during the next five years, and he has instilled fear in his followers that change would be a fate worse than death for them and the Country. Why accept the future that he is offering? Particularly when many, many things can be done to change it and to alter the course?

Change for the sake of change, as one would likely get with the LDS camp, would do little to alleviate the bleakness of the future that has been promised by President Faure. This can be deduced from their superficial and markedly unsubstantiated policies and plans for the future. Their aim seems to be to win the elections, with little effort being spent on fleshing out their plans for leading the Country if they did actually win. They have done little to reassure ordinary citizens of their genuine intention to cater to the needs of the vulnerable members of society with the sheer number of privileged, wealthy and powerful individuals chosen to be featured in the Party’s PPBs. These people have come forward publicly with their support for this party for a reason.

We implore you to vote wisely in the upcoming elections. Vote for someone who actually has the political will to bring the necessary changes that the masses have, for decades, been crying out for. Rather than vote for an individual who has been in the ring for longer than anyone should be comfortable with, because he is the “safe” or “familiar” option, vote for the candidate that has brought well-developed and thought-out policies and plans to revive the tourism industry; to end favoritism and nepotism within Governmental appointments; to alleviate once and for all the out-of-control poverty plaguing the vulnerable members of society; to take a definitive stance on key issues and to actually follow through on their promises; to lower taxes and the crippling VAT to help businesses thrive; to re-structure and revamp the fisheries sector to make it more efficient (it is presently top-heavy); and to give the agriculture industry the needed boost to encourage more farmers to enter into, and remain within, the field; and to push for sustainable methods and practices within both the fisheries and agriculture sectors to promote food security for generations to come.

Consider whether a politician has the requisite temperament, capability, skillset, political will, experience and proven track record of bringing innovation and change to the Nation.

Consider his motives for entering the political arena and whether he is in it for the right reasons, even after all this time.

The fate of our Nation’s economy and the wellbeing of Seychellois lie with you. The most important people on election day are not the politicians on the ballot paper – the voters are!

They have the power to choose whether Government remains the same, whether things remain as they presently are for a further five years, whether the Nation signs up for more acts of favoritism and decisions that are taken in naked self-interest, or whether we end this hard and trying year with fresh leadership, fresh policies and a new approach to solving problems that other politicians have clumsily and hopelessly tried to grapple with for the past four years.

No one should have a monopoly on democracy.

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